What is MOZER


MOZER is made for organizational communication via smartphones, developed and copyrighted by Informatix Plus Co., Ltd. THAILAND. MOZER is a real-time broadcast communication with data, chat, call (push to talk) with one-to-one and one-to-many communications.The application’s define formatting can be done in various ways. The application provides a closed system to control user, information, documents, chats, calls, and GPS tracking via mobile phones for the whole enterprise department. Messages can be sent with voices, text messages, files, videos and other multimedia files to several people in the same time depending on the server. The application lets users know who reads the message, who acknowledges, as well as special features including secret messages and important messages from valid communication. Users can use their personal mobile devices (both Android and iOS). This concept is called Bring Your Device (BYOD), that enables you to set your organization name to mobile operation immediately.

MOZER can be used as a radio on mobile (or called “push to talk”), it rapidly sends data package as the digital data to many users, because it doesn’t need to go through the process with the header or doesn’t need to convert packages from analog to digital. MOZER data transmission technology uses very low bandwidth, only 5 kbps  that can replace radios. With new functions, for examples, playback, worldwide speak and listen, choose and control specific channel, it is proved to be better than analog. Moreover, it has the security system for the data transmission with TLS/SSL encoding.