Push to Talk Platform1
Similar to two-way radio. Talk one on one and one to many

Low bandwidth service 4G LTE,4G HSPA+,Wi-Fi,3G
Mozer is cost-saving, consumes low bandwidth.

Encryption & Security with TLS/SSL
With TLS/SSL protocol, all of your data is encrypted.

Dispatcher Console
Command and control system for operation HQ to command units, fits for security agencies.

Expand your analog radio with Mozer
Mozer can connect with analog radio system, so you don’t have to throw away the existing
two-way radios.4

Analog radio recording system
Mozer is a simple radio recording solution that allows network administrators to record, log
and playback.

Free Secure call integrate with VoIP
Mozer can connect with Voice over an IP system or company’s IP phones, calling via data
package even better than other free applications.

Mobile gathering data
Collects data that transferred in Mozer and stores them for further analysis.

3On air broadcast video
Live video streaming via mobile phones with Mozer.

Multimedia data management with location
Collects multimedia data with location and shows on the map (GIS picture)

Mobile tracking system
Tracking by using GPS on mobile phones.

Integrate data link to connect organization’s database
Mozer has data link to connect with your company’s database, so users can quickly reach
the data.

User Hierarchy management with centralize web-base management system
Web-base management system to control users and permissions.2

Secret Message, Important Message
Secret Message – messages will disappear in time
Important Message – makes sure that everyone will read the message.

Capture detection
Detects any screenshot made in the application, another way to ensure data security.

Report & data management with private cloud
all data will be stored on cloud, and these data can be reported as statistics on
administration system.