National Disaster Warning Center for NCOP (National Common operational Picture)

(The people positioning layer in NCOP & replacing old communication system)
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Thailandncaop-wtt





MOZER dispatchers for National Disaater Warning Center for NCOP: (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Thailand) For NCOP, MOZER is an application for mobile communication and people tracking. 

Ministry of Tourism and Sports Thailand


Digital Radio Communication System for  Thailand Tourist Police  1155 Thailand Call Centerwith Operation Command Phuket Police Talk  (Phuket police talk with interpreters in Bangkok) MOZER Public safety dispatchers: for example, 1155 Thailand call center receives calls from individuals who need assistance from tourist officers, police officers, and emergency centers, once information is obtained from the caller from 1155 Thailand callcenter Application, these dispatchers will activate relevant services to respond to the call. Phuket Police Talk Application of Ministry of Tourism and Sports Thailand dispatchers are an integral part of theorganization’s success by managing operation to solve ploblems in Phuket, using ‘push to talk’ function to communicate with interpreters in Bangkok.

Bike for Mom & Bike for Dad Thailand.slide7

We provided digital radio system for police officers, medics, the press, and related officers

in ‘Bike for Mom & Bike for Dad’  for public safety

Cyber Police Thailand

We provided digital radio system for police officers and Broadcast video solution in Mozer for command control communicate and gather following information:
• C1: Command: Communication Center Application System
• C2: Control: War Room Communication Center Application System
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