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My technology
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MOZER is a mobile communication over IP or MOIP technology which can replace analog radios.Furthermore, it comes with better features, for example, playback, worldwide speaking and listening,and specific channel controlling. It also has the security of data transmission and capable of doing all the features of general ROIP. Mozer is convenient, because it can be used from easy and inexpensive to complicated mobile devices with the best standard of communication security system.

We designed a data transmission technology for data package with low bandwidth, which is less than 5KB / 1 sec. Consequently, it can hold unlimited communication between client to client by using the Internet speed of 56 Kbps. Moreover, the network does not rely on the repeater. It can use ThaiCom 5 – IPSTAR satellites in order to extend into Wi-Fi in borders and remote areas. This will lead central system to maintain contact with units operating in the area at that time or can be used for images and acoustic data storage. The very particular producing device helps us to save valuable bandwidth and promptly support large volumes, moreover, it can be expanded in order to accommodate users by adding cluster servers.

Mozer is a data management system for pictures, videos, text messages and voices messages.It has a saving system which enables users to save images, audio, and video files with input data of a user and geographic coordinates in order to analyze and efficiently apply to future projects by the Infomatix plus and multi-dimensional analysis system. We also have the special feature similar to mobile office, for example, checking-in using QR code, adding simple documents from mobile.mozer-all technology-01
We developed the application for a particular digital mobile radio (IP Trunk Mobile Radio) that is safe from being intercepted. Furthermore, it covers the whole country by Wireless or ADSL internet, 3G or EDGE. It communicates between users within the same group and within the closed system. Then, organizations can manage and control users’ usernames and passwords. It can create group communication or private individuals that are useful and ideal for businesses with multiple branches or mobile phones, helps to reduce the cost of the organization with C4i Concept (* Dispatcher Product)
The application is compatible with the security agencies to communicate and gather following information:
• C1: Command: Communication Center Application System
• C2: Control: War Room Communication Center Application System
• C3: Communication: Client Application System
• C4: Computer: Hardware Server
• I: Intelligence: Geographic and Data Analysis System